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 Massage and Facial Prices

Massage price list: Services
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On my arrival, I will come in and ask where you would like me to set up. If possible, I would like an area to put my products on and enough space for me and my couch.  If it's a facial you are having, I will need access to some warm water. 

Before your treatments, I will ask you a few questions to help me choose the best oils and products suited to you. 

I will talk you through what I will be doing, what you need to wear and how I can make you as comfortable as possible; making it a very personalised treatment.

If you'd like to have a little music on in the background, I've massaged to Spa music, Rock and Pop. I'm not picky, you choose. I can play something from my phone or you can use your own devices.

If you need a hand getting ready or a little extra time, just let me know and I can book that time in too.

Now, just relax.

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