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Benefits of massage

Relax & unwind at home

Benefits of massage: Services

Why have a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage - a technique that involves long strokes, deep kneading and circular movements to push blood toward the heart. Can also include hacking, cupping and other techniques where needed.

Personally, I like to include pre-blended aromatherapy oils in my treatments to not only enjoy the beautiful smells, but to enhance your treatment with powerful essential oils.

If you'd rather not have essential oils I will happily use a lightly scented carrier oil.

Pregnant clients can feel 100% comfortable with the oils chosen specifically for you.

Massage helps the lymph glands drain away toxins.

Massage helps the body and mind to relax.

If you suffer from headaches this can often be caused by tension in your head, neck and shoulders. 

Massage improves circulation.

Massage warms muscles before exercise.

Massage helps soothe after exercise.

Massage helps with flexibility.

Massage can help aid sleep.

Massage can massively reduce anxiety.

Massage can minimise back pain.

Massage can help relieve knots.

These are just a few examples of why we should all have regular massage.

The list is endless.

Benefits of massage at Home

Removes stresses of driving, parking & traffic.

Relax deeper into your comfort zone.

No risk of random strangers waking in the room. You hold the key.

You control the elements.

-Your temperature

- Your music

- A candle or two?

- Window open or not?

Your schedule.

Do you prefer a massage in the day or at night? 

Before or after work? Or perhaps on your lunch break?

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